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A big storm is coming and you know that you’re in trouble. You’re overdue for a new roof or at least a few repairs. Now it’s the middle of the night and that tree in the front yard put some limbs through your old roof and water and the wind are rushing into your home. What do you do now?

Leak No More, INC is known for 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair in the York, PA area. If it’s 2:00 am and you’re in need of an emergency service we have the expertise and the tools required to repair your roof in any situation and at any time!

Learn how Leak No More, INC in York, PA will help you fix those unexpected damages when mother nature is putting your old roof to the test.

What’s Considered a Roofing Emergency?

Anything that’s looks, sounds or feels strange coming from your roof is an urgent matter. We understand this. But there are some problems that just can’t wait until the morning or even another hour. When you’ve got a time-sensitive situation, we’ve got you covered with our 24-hour emergency services. So what kind of emergencies do we work with?

As mentioned before, consider a limb smashing into your roof in the middle of a horrible storm. If you have a large hole from a tree limb and you ignore this problem overnight it could result in thousands of extra dollars in damages that could have been prevented.

The inside of your home is not designed to take water. Situations such as this require an emergency roofing service. Don’t worry, we answer our phones 24/7.

Some other Emergency Roofing Services Include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Water dripping from your ceiling
  • Water rushing into your home
  • Anything you consider an emergency
  • Completely clogged gutters

Once you call with an emergency, our plumbers will get to your home as soon as possible to repair the problem. Depending on the situation, we will be able to fix the issue with our initial visit. We should mention that we cannot work on your roof during a rain storm.

If we aren’t able to work on your roof immediately then we will do our best to cover up the affected area until we can solve the problem.

Keep in mind that a roofing emergency doesn’t mean that your home turns into a mess. Our plumbers arrive with the same professionalism and respect for your home as any other time.

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