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As important as a roof-over-your-head seems, people always seem to forget and neglect this part of the home. Just like your health, your car or anything else, the constant exposure to the elements is wearing away your roof. Also, just like anything else a roof needs to be maintained

Leak No More, INC are professionals when it comes to roof maintenance. Did you know that ignoring your roof could cut its life span in half? Water damage, mold, wild animals, and other expensive damages are more likely if you don’t properly maintain your roof.

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When Does Your Roof Need Maintained?

The idea is to keep up with roof maintenance so that you don’t need to call us for a repair. If there’s water entering your home then maintenance may not be what you’re looking for. In this situation, a repair or even an emergency roofing service is necessary, depending on the severity of the water in your home.

However, there are some warning signs to look out for that may indicate it’s time for roof maintenance.

The following situation may indicate required maintenance:

  1. Algae Growth
  2. Curling- Bending or twisting of shingles caused from low ventilation
  3. Blistering- Caused by moisture in shingles
  4. Missing Shingles- Perhaps a big gust of wind took off a few shingles
  5. Rotting- Shingle beginning to decay
  6. Missing Granules- Shingles aren’t smooth, they’re granular. If you notice little granules in your gutters then it’s time for some maintenance.
  7. Damaged flashing- If the protective layer around your chimney is getting old give Leak No More, INC a call
  8. Buckling- Warped shingles caused by movement of deck or improper installation definitely requires maintenance
  9. Ceiling spots- if you see a water spot on your ceiling you’re usually overdue for maintenance and a repair, but it’s a good reminder to keep your roof maintained.

Roof Maintenance Methods 

Our team at Leak No More, INC provides professional maintenance for the roof on your home or business. We are licensed and fully insured. You can rest assured that your roof will be maintained and years of life will be added to your roof.

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